Have you ever wished you could take your browser with you? I sure have!

Concerned about using a "public" workstation? You should be!

Do you want to make sure your private data stays private? I'm sure you do!

PrivacyOnTheGo is a unique blend of hardware and software designed with one thing in mind--Keeping your data safe and secure. Combining best of breed software such as components of John Haller's Portable Apps suite, along with optional software and hardware-based encryption and biometric security. Adding to the security and privacy features of PrivacyOnTheGo are secure web-based email and proxies that secure your data.

PrivacyOnTheGo will be available in three editions. PrivacyOnTheGo Standard Edition, available today, consists of a USB flash drive and software that allows you to both browse the web and access AOL, MSN, Yahoo, and other IM networks. All of this is done without needing to install any software on the PC you're using. Along with this is included a secure web-based email solution and proxies

The next version of PrivacyOnTheGo available, the Professional Edition, will offer software-based encryption. This will secure all contents of the drive using industry-standard and cryptographically-proven encryption.

Following that will be the Executive Edition, which will feature either 512MB or 1GB of storage space, the encryption of the Professional Edition, along with the addition of a fingerprint reader built into the USB device, providing an even higher level of security.

An add-on option, available at all levels, is an optimized installation of OpenOffice.org. OpenOffice.org is the premier Microsoft-compatible office suite. It provides Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint, and Visio compatibility. You can launch the OpenOffice.org applications, edit your files, and save your changes, all without needing to install any software, regardless of what computer you're using.